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CP106 digital electric parameter tester

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CP106 series high precision digital electric parameter measuring instrument (also known as digital power meter) adopts high performance sampling components internally and applies advanced PLL phase-locked loop technology and high precision A/D to quantify and analyze the waveform data, which ensures the high accuracy and high stability of the instrument. Now it has been widely used in the fields of home appliances, motors, power supplies, transformers and lighting appliances, etc. It is an ideal replacement for the traditional pointer meter and digital electrician's instrument, which is a powerful and economical intelligent power measuring instrument with a compact case. The instrument has automatic range switching function, also has voltage, current, power / power factor upper and lower limit setting and alarm function, and has a latch function, especially suitable for mass production line testing and no-load testing of energy-efficient products, * small current can be from 0.1mA ~ 20A (can be customized 0.1mA ~ 40A / 60A / 80A), can ** test the product no-load micro-current, etc.. The wide range of testing is incomparable to similar instruments.

Four windows display: voltage, current, power, power factor / frequency

AC voltage: 1~300V /600V

Input current: 0.005A~5.00A/20A

DC voltage: 1~300V

Input current: 0.5~5.00/20/60/80A (optional order available)

Range switching: Automatic

Measurement mode: AC/AC+DC

Power factor: 0.000~1.000

Frequency range: DC/AC:0~45Hz~65Hz/400 Hz

Accuracy: ± (0.4% reading + 0.1% range + 1 word)

Test count: 5 seconds/time

Communication mode: RS-232/RS-485 (order optional)


  Instrument size: L X W X H = (238 X 377 X 130) mm

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