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CP210 digital electric parameter tester (limit alarm type)

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(A) Instrument characteristics

1. input and output analog circuits, and digital processing circuits are isolated from each other. Not only greatly improves the anti-interference ability of the instrument, but also greatly reduces the interference of the measuring instrument with the normal work of the measured driving power supply:.

2. Four windows display data simultaneously

3. Test fast, 0.2 seconds to achieve input. Output parameters test, especially suitable for pipeline rapid inspection


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Four windows display: voltage, current, power, power factor / frequency

AC voltage: 1~300V /600V

Input current: 0.005A~5.00A/20A

DC voltage: 1~300V

Input current: 0.005~5.00/20A

Range switching: Automatic

Measurement mode: AC/AC+DC

Power factor: 0.000~1.000

Frequency range: DC/AC: 0~45Hz~65Hz/400 Hz

Accuracy: ±(0.4% reading + 0.1% range + 1 word)

Test count: 2 seconds/time

Upper and lower limit determination function: voltage, current, power, power factor, upper and lower limit setting and sound and light alarm function

Communication mode: RS-232/RS-485 (order optional)

  Instrument size: length X width X height = (238X377X130)mm

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