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The quality inspector will strictly check and accept the product brand, specifications, quantity, labeling, quality certification documents, and whether the packaging is damaged, etc.

Our R&D team, the optical department's R&D staff consists of doctoral, master's and undergraduate students who graduated from Zhejiang University in optical engineering, test and measurement technology and instrumentation

After more than 20 years of continuous renovation and expansion, it has developed into a company covering an area of more than 20,000 square meters, with two national standard heavy industrial plants and more than 100 employees online.


10 project patents


Hangzhou Huipu Instrument Co.

Ltd. was established in 2005, is a technical enterprise dedicated to the research, development, production, sales and technical service of testing equipment in the lighting industry, the company strictly follows the ISO9001 quality management system. Our R&D team, the optical department, is composed of doctoral, master and undergraduate students who graduated from Zhejiang University in optical engineering, test and measurement technology and instrumentation; the electrical department is led by senior engineers who have been in the industry for more than ten years, and a group of electronic engineers with rich theoretical and practical experience are in charge of the program. Our distribution photometer and photobiological ** equipment, the technical level has been in the forefront of the domestic. Technical service department, by a group of talented, ancient and enthusiastic knowledgeable people to provide pre-sales experience, after-sales consulting services.

16 years of technical accumulation

Products exported to more than 30 countries





  • What exactly is the

    What exactly is the

    Integrating spheres are relatively new to us, but they are indispensable. What exactly is the role of the integrating sphere?1. What is the integrating sphereThe integrating sphere is a cavity sphere with an inner wall coated with white diffuse reflective material, also known as the photometric sphere, optical flux sphere, etc.. The inner wall of the ball is coated with the ideal diffuse reflective material, also * is the diffuse reflection coefficient close to 1 material. Commonly used material

  • Spectrum analyzer wo

    Spectrum analyzer wo

    The working principle of holographic flat-field concave diffraction grating is as follows: the measured light source is projected onto the holographic flat-field concave diffraction grating through the optical filter fiber, and then reflected to the high-precision array detector, with **optimal extinction material to achieve **optimal testing effect. Wisepoint's spectrometer adopts **advanced holographic flat field concave diffraction grating and high performance linear array detector with elect

  • Terminology - Distri

    Terminology - Distri

    Polar coordinates: set the center of the graph as point 0, called the polar point, and draw a ray 0X from the polar point, called the polar axis, and then select a unit of length and the positive direction of the angle (usually take the counterclockwise direction). Take a point M on the graph, use ρ to denote the length of the line 0M, θ to denote the angle from 0X to 0M, ρ is called the polar diameter of the point M, θ is called the polar angle of the point M, the ordered number pair (ρ,θ)* is

  • LED color temperatur

    LED color temperatur

    1. color temperature of a light source is determined by comparing its color with the theoretical thermal blackbody radiator (referred to as a blackbody, an object with an absorption rate equal to 1 for any wavelength of radiant energy at any temperature, an ideal model, also called a complete radiator). The spectrum emitted by a thermal radiation source is continuous and smooth, and for black bodies, the color is * different for different temperatures. There is a unique correspondence between th

  • Configuration power

    Configuration power

    As we are familiar with the laptop backlight, it is a combination of many LED beads, and the problem of color difference is becoming more and more obvious. If the use of LED beads is not the same batch, it is easy to lead to different wavelengths, color differences and other problems, this problem is inevitable even if the use of the same batch of LED beads. For the testing of LED chips, the integrating sphere test system is generally used. The use of integrating spheres to measure parameters s


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