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LDE lighting industry to provide quality testing equipment and services




16 years of technical accumulation

Products exported to more than 30 countries

10 project patents

Hangzhou Huipu Instrument Co.

       Ltd. was established in 2005, is a technical enterprise dedicated to the research, development, production, sales and technical service of testing equipment in the lighting industry, the company strictly follows the ISO9001 quality management system. Our R&D team, the optical department is composed of doctoral students, master students and undergraduates graduated from Zhejiang University in optical engineering, test and measurement technology and instrumentation; the electrical department is led by senior engineers who have been working in this industry for more than ten years, and a group of electronic engineers who have rich theoretical and practical experience. The technical level of our distribution photometer and photobiological equipment has been in the forefront in China. Technical service department, by a group of talented, ancient and enthusiastic knowledgeable people to provide customers with pre-sales experience, after-sales consulting services.

       After more than ten years of unremitting pursuit, the company's products have been continuously improved. Products include commonly used photometric and colorimetric testing instruments, special testing instruments for the lighting industry, LED light radiation ** measurement, LED special testing instruments, lamps and lanterns special testing instruments, LED drive power tester, electromagnetic compatibility special testing instruments, electrical special testing instruments, various types of electrical parameters testing instruments, high-performance AC and DC power supplies for testing.

       Our complete sets of lighting appliance testing equipment and LED testing equipment have been exported to more than 30 countries and regions, such as the United States, Germany, Italy, Brazil, Bolivia, Malaysia, Egypt, India, Iran, Turkey, Vietnam, South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The continuous expansion of overseas markets has made us get more and more foreign lighting industry's high attention, on this basis we are not arrogant, through the continuous efforts of all staff, the company has now embarked on a steady path of development.

Over the years, the company in the field of lighting industry product testing equipment, with its continuous technological innovation, quality technical services and products of high performance, high reliability, high cost performance has won the majority of domestic and foreign lighting industry users praise. Large domestic and foreign enterprises PHLLIPS, OSRAM, Foshan Lighting, Shelite, Opple Lighting, Rays Lighting, Pinnacle Lighting, etc. are the company's customers.




Humanity Management Harmony Team Technology Innovation Quality Technology Excellence

Humanity Management Harmony Team Technology Innovation Quality Technology Excellence

  • Quality Technology Industry Patents

    Quality Technology Industry Patents

    Wisepoint has a number of national patent technology products, and the patented products have been used by the national lamp testing center and quality inspection agencies around the world.

  • Novel products with beautiful shapes

    Novel products with beautiful shapes

    We have a team of craft designers with years of technical experience in the industry to shape the unique appearance of each product.

  • Easy installation Full service

    Easy installation Full service

    Easy to operate and simple to learn is our promise to customers. We have a professional aftersales service team to effectively solve the worries of our customers.

Hangzhou Huipu Instrument Co.

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