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Spectrum analyzer working principle

At present, the mainstream of spectrum analyzers use holographic flat-field concave diffraction grating technology, and the working principle of holographic flat-field concave diffraction grating is shown in the following figure.

Working principle of spectrometer.jpg

The measured light source is projected onto the holographic flat-field concave diffraction grating through the optical filter fiber, and then reflected to the high-precision array detector, which helps to achieve the **optimal testing effect with the **selected extinction material.

Wisepoint's spectrometer adopts **advanced holographic flat field concave diffraction grating and high performance linear array detector with electronic shutter control to help **advanced extinction materials. Many years of LED lighting industry testing equipment technology accumulated using ** stray light control technology, wide linear dynamic technology, high-performance linear array detector technology and other technologies to achieve high repeatability and stability of the entire set of equipment the entire system match to meet the U.S. source star IES LM-79 and China GB/T24824 standard requirements.

Holographic concave flat field diffraction grating technology in the entire test process of the optical path only after a projection makes the optical path near stray light is small, sensitivity is also high; while the plane grating technology in the entire test process of the optical path after multiple demolition, making the optical path far stray light is large, sensitivity is also low.

At present, some manufacturers in the market in order to pursue the interests and volume, to induce customers to use the plane grating technology to impersonate the concave flat field technology, disrupt the entire LED lighting detection equipment industry, the development of the industry is extremely unfavorable, leaving customers with unpredictable consequences. Please customers choose carefully!

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